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Ministry at CPC
Ministry in our church includes numerous opportunities for mission work both locally, nationally, and worldwide. Ministry to our own members includes taking flowers and Communion to those who are hospitalized, Christmas caroling at the homes of shut in members, and providing opportunities for fellowship and recreation 
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Mountainside Community Presbyterian Church
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Hey there CPC family, 

Quick update: I am Coronavirus free! Praise God! I was suffering from another strain of viral infection, but I am pleased to share that it was not COVID-19. So, ministry continues.

A few things to look for… 
Online Worship will continue each Sunday. I hope you all are enjoying that thoroughly.  
The Book of Proverbs Bible Study I mentioned last week will begin next Tuesday, March 31st, at 4:00 p.m. To prepare for this first week, begin by reading through chapters 1-9 consecutively. We will take chapters 1-3 in sections, and Tuesday’s session will cover those first three. Since it won’t be an interactive platform, I will encourage some questions and reflections towards the end that you can think through during the week. If you want to email me those responses, or any other comments/questions on the study, feel free to do exactly that! I will happily respond so this can be more of a dialogue.  
Similarly, I mentioned doing a book course on Lauren Winner’s “Mudhouse Sabbath.” I planned to begin that study on Thursday, April 2nd, at 4:00 p.m. Since this requires materials you need to order, please message me or Joseph if you are interested!!! I really want to make sure we have ministries together, and this one will be lovely, but I can save it for another time if this isn’t a good fit for folks right now.  
Take-out Thursday continues;
Door Deliveries continue; 
I’ve posted a devotional for you as a way to stay connected while we aren’t allowed to congregate. Please find the devotional by clicking here. I hope you enjoy.  
The Deacons are working hard to continue their ministries, and more information will be forthcoming about some of those items soon.  

Other than that, please feel free to remain in touch with me. I am here and available to provide spiritual leadership in any way I can to all of you. I am a firm believer that I cannot address needs I don’t know about, so please vocalize any and all needs you have! When you share concerns, then I can serve you to the best of my ability. 

I pray you all are staying home, staying well fed and cared for, and that God is using this time to do something special with each of you.  

Grace and peace,
Rev. Cooper 

Community Presbyterian Church
​1459 Deer Path
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Pastor: Rev. Anastassia Cooper
Music Director/Admin. Assistant:  Joseph W. Hill, Jr.
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Rev. Anastassia Cooper
Rev. Cooper offers a Lenten devotional on March 25, 2020.